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by 22 Europe / 01, Mar 2019

In France, bells, not bunnies, deliver chocolate eggs on Easter Sunday. And thanks to the craft of the Paccard Foundry, these bells sound as beautiful as a musical instrument.

by 22 Europe / 22, Feb 2019

Tiles, tiles, tiles. To visit Seville is to see tiles. So it’s only logical that on the third day that I visit this city so famous for its ceramics, I cross the bridge to the Triana district to visit Ceramica Ruiz. Piles of exquisite ceramics and heaps of different cups, plates, bowls and souvenirs fill the place.

by 22 Europe / 20, Feb 2019

Royal Delft has embraced the craft of making and reinventing Delft Blue for 365 years, and it is celebrating this with yet another piece of art. This year, one visitor a day at the Royal Delft Experience is asked to paint part of a unique tile painting. These 365 people from all over the world will unite in one piece of Royal Delft history.

by 22 Europe / 18, Feb 2019

The battle of Waterloo, when the allied forces of European countries defeated Napoleon in 1815, is so famous, that places all over the world are named after this unassuming little village in the French speaking part of Belgium. There are Waterloos in England, the US, Canada and Australia. There is even a Waterloo in Antarctica.

by 22 Europe / 15, Feb 2019

In the old days, Amsterdam was the city where the money was, inhabited by merchants along canals. But the Royals and aristocrats always lived in stately The Hague. There are so many kings and nobles called Willem in Dutch history.