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by 22 Europe / 02, Jul 2020

Shopping is a magical activity. Some people think of it as their favorite thing to do in their free time, while others hate it. No matter on which side you stand, you want to be able to easily find good stores while shopping. Fortunately, there are many great shopping streets in Amsterdam. The question is, where do you start? Royal Coster Diamonds presents this super practical Amsterdam shopping guide for readers of 22Europe!

by 22 Europe / 02, Jul 2020

Perhaps the first thing you think of in Amsterdam is the red light district, Van Gogh, canals, and bicycles. However, if you have lived in Amsterdam for a long time you know that the city is more than these words.

by 22 Europe / 31, Mar 2020

The English have Stonehenge, the French have Menhirs, but the Dutch have something which dates even further back in time, namely the dolmens. Dolmens, or as the Dutch call them hunebedden, are megalithic tombs or burial mounds. These large stones lined up in two rows supporting a larger top stone, date back to the Neolithic period, about 5.000 years ago.