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by 22 Europe / 23, Jan 2020

France correspondent Kevin Bonnaud embarked on a 130-km coastal journey along the Route du Mimosa.

by 22 Europe / 13, Jan 2020

The living and working community of the Zaanse Schans, dating back to 1850, is one of the highlights for visitors to the Netherlands. Here, you can see firsthand how Dutch people lived and worked during the industrial revolution of the Zaan district mid-19th century. There are farmsteads, paths, wooden houses, warehouses and windmills, ditches and fields, just like in the old times.

by 22 Europe / 03, Jan 2020

On a bright sunny day, London can be radiant: green, lush city parks are aplenty, colorful flower pots adorn period houses and pubs' frontages; the streets are lively with locals and tourists shopping and sightseeing. Yet the city hides a darker side too.