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by 22 Europe / 16, Aug 2019

Romans is a worthy inland detour for gourmet lovers visiting the Northern Rhone Valley. The production of Dauphiné Ravioles (Ravioles du Dauphiné), a local specialty, has overshadowed the footwear industry in a city labelled the historic capital of luxury shoes. The takeover of the iconic Mère Maury factory by former footwear manufacturer Serge Manoukian is a case in point.

by 22 Europe / 05, Aug 2019

Basque Country, the Culinary Nation. This slogan greets visitors arriving at Bilbao airport to welcome them to the Basque Country, the northern Spanish region renowned for its gastronomic culture. The whole area is famous for its brilliant food scene.

by 22 Europe / 30, Jul 2019

This iron giant roams across the land of Europe, from the Norwegian fjords to its glaciers, wandering in the valleys in Germany and Italy, flying above the rugged highlands in Scotland, and climbing up to the magnificent Jungfrau in the Alps.

by 22 Europe / 16, Jul 2019

Bath and Bristol are often seen as very separate – the spa city and the merchant city; laid-back refinement versus edgy and creative independence. Bath is the historic, manicured, refined city with remarkable sights and rejuvenating mineral waters.

by 22 Europe / 10, Jul 2019

The over 400 kilometers-long land stretching at the very end of Italy, bordering the Adriatic and the Ionian Sea and occupying what is currently referred to as the “heel” of the Boot, is the region known as Apulia.