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by 22 Europe / 22, Dec 2019

Just like diamonds, one of Italy's most precious foods is to be found underground, by digging into the soil. They are Truffles, the tasty subterranean fungus growing at the roots of trees like oaks, birches and hazels. The rarest white truffle in particular, can't be cultivated and only grows in a few areas of the world. Highly appreciated for the unique flavour it adds to the simplest dishes such as fried eggs, raw meat or plain pasta, as well as to more elaborated recipes.

by 22 Europe / 15, Dec 2019

Brussels is a city with many faces, and there are many fun ways to discover this quirky place – some impressive, some delicious. Brussels has enthusiasm for many niches – comic books, surrealist art, art nouveau architecture and top quality chocolates.

by 22 Europe / 08, Dec 2019

“Napoleon Bonaparte died 250 years ago, and since then, every day one academic book has been published about him, not counting all the other works people wrote for fun. Everybody is just fascinated with this man,” says Jacques Mattei, Director of the European federation of Napoleon Cities. Mediterranean style, we are having a long, relaxing lunch at the Napoleon café in Ajaccio, Corsica, birthplace of the last European emperor.