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by 22 Europe / 08, Dec 2019

“Napoleon Bonaparte died 250 years ago, and since then, every day one academic book has been published about him, not counting all the other works people wrote for fun. Everybody is just fascinated with this man,” says Jacques Mattei, Director of the European federation of Napoleon Cities. Mediterranean style, we are having a long, relaxing lunch at the Napoleon café in Ajaccio, Corsica, birthplace of the last European emperor.

by 22 Europe / 01, Dec 2019

A tour of Printemps starts on the roof. While the sun is going down and the lights slowly come on over Paris, our tour guide takes us through a small gate and onto a ramp where normal visitors are not allowed to go.

by 22 Europe / 28, Nov 2019

This UNESCO heritage stretch of the Rhine River is famous for its beauty, and it doesn’t disappoint. Heading north from Strasbourg on Lafayette, a 43 cabin river boat which also features fine French dining, we pass by a seemingly endless series of pretty riverside towns, vineyards and forested peaks and almost every hilltop has a crumbling castle, some over 1000 years old. The winding river and sprawling villages mean you’re only a short boat ride away from your next breathtaking view.