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by 22 Europe / 31, Mar 2020

The English have Stonehenge, the French have Menhirs, but the Dutch have something which dates even further back in time, namely the dolmens. Dolmens, or as the Dutch call them hunebedden, are megalithic tombs or burial mounds. These large stones lined up in two rows supporting a larger top stone, date back to the Neolithic period, about 5.000 years ago.

by 22 Europe / 23, Mar 2020

The Dutch Golden Age was a period like no other and Delft was the city to be at that time. The moment you walk around its centuries-old canals in the historic city center, you feel the Golden Age, when Johannes Vermeer lived in the city and painted “The Girl with the Pearl Earring”, and when the first ships of the Dutch East India Company arrived from the Far East, filled with blue and white porcelain over 400 years ago.

by 22 Europe / 12, Mar 2020

The Croatian City of Dubrovnik has become a favorite destination for Game of Thrones fans, but is also worth visiting if you don’t watch fantasy series on TV.