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France, Monaco
United Kingdom, France
Denmark, Sweden, Norway, Finland
Netherlands, Germany, Austria
United Kingdom
France, Monaco, Spain
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by 22 Europe / 13, Sep 2019

“Over there you can buy bull’s meat, but beware of buying meat that has been taken from animals who died in a bullfight. They are drugged beforehand and during the fight, they are very, very stressed. So that meat, is not at all healthy.”

by 22 Europe / 03, Sep 2019

Demystify black truffles by making them more affordable and better known by the public. That’s the worthy goal of Julien Allano, starred chef at Le Clair de la Plume 4-star hotel in Grignan, where 80% of the French production of truffles comes from. His market cuisine is a complete discovery of the local terroir.

by 22 Europe / 27, Aug 2019

When you step into a bodega in the provincial town of Jerez de la Frontera, you feel Spain. These high ceilings, thick walls and rows of black casks on floors of yellow sand – the same they use in bull fighting rings – give off a yeasty aroma and hushed coolness.