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by 22 Europe / 06, Nov 2019

Change is in the air in Baumanière. Flagship of French gastronomy since 1945 with a long list of prestigious guests from Deng Xiao Ping to Harry Truman, Elizabeth II, the Shah of Iran not mentioning international artists like Picasso, the iconic old mas 2-star restaurant known as l’Oustau (at the foot of Les-Baux-de-Provence) reinvents itself with fresh thinking, new faces while sticking to its timeless authentic (Provence) spirit.

by 22 Europe / 31, Oct 2019

There is a heavenly bunch of seven rocky islands off the Tuscan coast which according to legend originated from gems fallen into the Tyrrhenian sea from Venus's necklace, forming the Tuscan Archipelago. Elba, the largest, is mainly known for its wild nature, enchanting beaches and a lively nightlife.

by 22 Europe / 26, Oct 2019

You know what they say about Les Baux (de Provence). It’s the most charming village of Provence and beyond. That’s an understatement. In Provençal language, its name means “steep place”. It sure is with a renowned spur of calcareous rocks where the fortified village was built and carved on in the 10th century. That does not prevent 1.5 million of tourists from wandering on the paved and narrow streets every year.