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Catalonia Tour in Spain 9 Days
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Day1 Barcelona→Musee de Picasso→Puerto Olimpico
Pick up from the airport, visit "Barcelona": It is the hometown of many outstanding artists. It became the "City of Architecture Art" by the famous architect Antoni Gaudí i Cornet. The city is famous for his amazing masterpieces.
Day2 Barcelona (La Sagrada Familia→Casa Mila→Casa Batllo→Flamenco Show)
Visit Sagrada Familia: A world-famous World Heritage Site designed by Antoni Gaudí i Cornet, with the unique style of Catalan modernist architecture, unrivaled in appearance or interior, for over 100 years of construction for a long time, breaking the world record and becoming a pioneering work in the construction industry.
Day3 Barcelona→Rupit→Besalu
Visit "Rupit": one of the most beautiful towns in Spain, composed of two small towns, separated by a small river, through the suspension bridge to walk to another town, picturesque, only three hundred in the town Residents, simple and original, retaining buildings hundreds of years ago, are the best place to experience the style of a Spanish town.
Day4 Besalu→Cadaques→Figueres→Girona
Visit "Cadaques": A charming fishing village surrounded by mountains. The waterfront is surrounded by small white houses. You can visit the surrealist painter - the home of Dali. Also the seashore nearby market has more traditional handicrafts and attracts many tourists to shop. Then go to Figueres: The birthplace of Dali, who later settled in Cadaqués. Dali set up the Dali Theatre-Museum for his hometown and participated in the design of the museum. The museum itself is a piece. The artwork, built in an old opera house, is unique in design and has become an important landmark in the area.
Day5 Girona→Tossa de Mar→Barcelona
Visit "Girona": The film "Perfume" filming venue, one of the cities with the most Spanish legends, visitors can listen to the legend while walking to the Costa Brava. It is located on the banks of the Onyar River. The left and right banks are connected by 11 bridges. The riverside scenery is charming. Step up the 90th staircase, you can see Girona Cathedral, which is the world's widest Gothic church nave. Then travel to Tossa de Mar: The town of Bunker on the seashore, which has been a place of artist retreat and creation since the 19th century; the town has old towns, beaches, shops and markets, all in a traditional Spanish style. It’s made; visiting the bunker on the hills and enjoying the panoramic view of Tossa de Mar.
Day6 Barcelona→Montserrat→Montserrat Monastery→Joan Miro Foundation)→Barcelona
Visit "Montserrat": a small hill in the southwestern part of Barcelona, ​​173 meters high, overlooking the port of Barcelona, ​​and the panoramic view of the city. It was a military fortress in ancient times and was in the 17th century on the mountain. Montjuic Hill Castle was also occupied and the entire mountain is full of historical traces.
Day7 Barcelona→ Park Guell → Sitges → Tarragona
Visit Park Guell: Designed by architect Antoni Gaudí i Cornet who built between 1900 and 1914, it is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. The colorful park, like the cake-like dream house and the Greek-style hundred pillars, are really convinced by Gaudí’s talents.
Day8 Tarragona→Vimbodi→Montblanc→Sant Sadurni d’Anoia→Codorniu→Barcelona
Visit "Poblet Monastery": Located in Barcelona, ​​Vimbodí i Poblet, the royal tomb of the King of Catalonia, combines the Roman and Gothic architecture and is solemn. The library in the hospital has a lot of precious collections, such as the manuscripts of the 13th century kings.
Day9 Barcelona → Airport
Take back to Airport or wherever the location in town.
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    • Walking is necessary when most attractions in Europe far away from the public parking.
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