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Graceful Tour in Italy & Pure Switzerland 9 Days
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Day1 Rome→Vatican→City Tour
Picked up from the airport, and visit "Vatican": The smallest independent sovereign state in the world, the center of global Catholicism. "St. Peter's Basilica": the world's first cathedral, which houses many murals and sculptures of famous Renaissance artists. Attractions in Rome: Visit the Colosseum, the Arch of Constantine, the magnificent memorial and the Trevi Fountain, known as the Trevi Fountain.
Day2 Rome→Bagnoregio→Florence→City Tour
Morning to Civita Di Bagnoregio: "The City of the Sky" in the comic novel, which has been abandoned for hundreds of years and is called a ghost town. "Florence": Piazzale Michelangelo, with a panoramic view of Florence, the Piazza della Signoria, the Florence Cathedral, the River Anor and the Golden Bridge.
Day3 Florence→Modena→Old Vinegar Factory→Galleria Ferrari→Venice
"Modena": Italy's famous old-fashioned vinegar area, visit the century-old vinegar factory, and learn about the old vinegar brewing method. "Ferrari Museum": The museum displays a variety of Ferrari sports cars of different ages.
Day4 Venice→Burano Isand→Venice→City Tour
Travel to Burano: take a boat(optional) to Burano Island, famous for its lace textiles. Each house has a different color, like a fairy tale. "Venice": At your own expense, take a water transport to explore Piazza San Marco, the Bridge of Sighs, the Doji Palace, the Rialto Bridge, and the glass craft factory.
Day5 Venice→Verona→City Tour→Milan→City Tour→Shopping Spree
Visit Verona: Famous for Shakespeare's "Romeo and Juliet". Go to "Milan": Browse the city's attractions including: Milan Cathedral, Vidoo Shopping Arcade, Da Vinci and La Scala. Going to be known as the world's most beautiful shopping street ~ Monte Napoleon Street and Missoni Street, more than 200 brand-name shops, shopping!
Day6 Milan→Riederalp→Aletsch Glacier
Visit "Ryder Alps": Take the crane up the mountain to see the largest glaciers in Europe. Aletsch Glacier: 23 km long, is the longest and most beautiful glacier in the Alps.
Day7 Riederalp→Zermatt→Gornergrat
Visit Zermatt.. Surrounded by 36 famous peaks over 4,000 meters, there are only electrified vehicles and horse-drawn carriages in the village. "Gornergrat": Take the mountain train to Grenate to see Switzerland's most famous Matterhorn.
Day8 Zermatt→Chillon Castle→Lavaux Train Tour→Bern→City Tour
Visit Chillon Castle": It was once the royal family of the royal family and was once a prison. Then to Lavaux Vineyards: Vineyard terraces are a world cultural heritage. Next travel to Bern: The Swiss capital, the Rosengarten Bern, the brown bear cave, the parliament building and the ancient city.
Day9 Bern→Lucerne→City Tour→Lake Cruise→Zurich →Airport
Travel to Linson: Go to the Chapel Bridge on the lake, surrounded by shops selling Swiss watches, chocolates, fashion and candy. "Lion Monument": A Swiss guard who commemorates the heroic dereliction of the French Revolution. "Lake Lucerne Boat River": Take a sightseeing boat to Lake Lucerne at your own expense. Take a special bus to Zurich Airport later. The journey is over.
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    • Our coverage countries include Ireland, UK, France, Spain, Portugal, Belgium, Netherlands, Germany, Switzerland, Italy, Czech Republic, Austria, Croatia, Hungary, Slovakia, Greece, Poland, Norway, and Sweden.
    • Reservations must be made at least 40 days in advance, and must be paid in full within 25 days prior to departure.
    • 5 days package includes 4 nights hotel accommodation, 6 days package includes 5 nights hotel accommodation, and so on
    • The real-time price is calculated based on 7 or less people. If more than 7 people will be adjusted to 0.00 amount, our travel consultant will review and provide the quotation.
    • Any itinerary recommend start from these starting point cities: Rome, Milan, Barcelona, ​​Madrid, Brussels, Prague, London, Budapest, Paris, Vienna, Amsterdam, Frankfurt and Munich. There will be additional EUR 200 charge for choosing different starting p
    • Nordic itinerary surcharge: 70 euros per person per night
    • Nordic/Swiss/UK hotel surcharge: EUR 25 per person per night
    • If you request accommodation for a specific hotel, the additional fee apply.
    • 4-star standard hotel: EUR/GBP 45 per person per night (single room surcharge of EUR/GBP 60 per night)
    • 5-star standard hotel: EUR/GBP 125 per person per night (single room surcharge of EUR/GBP 105 per night)
    • Please note, there are many European hotel categories and grades, even the same level of hotels can be very mixed.
    • During the high exhibition session, the hotel will change to the neighboring city.
  1. Price Included
    • Private Customized Tour
    • 8 seated comfortable mini bus (Travelling 10 hours per day)
    • Tour guide as driver (Chinese language speaking)
    • Included 3 stars hotel accommodation (Double standard room) and daily breakfast (Single room surcharge, Euro/GBP 35 per room per night)
    • Toll, Petrol and parking fees are included.
  2. Price not Included
    • Airline Ticket
    • Lunch and dinner, at the discretion of the customers, the guide could recommend the restaurant
    • Attraction Tickets (if require a guide to accompany, please responsible the ticket cost)
    • Additional activities: Vineyards/Wineries, excavation truffles and cooking classes, etc.
    • A tip service is Euro/GBP 7 per person by each day;
    • Overtime work charges are 50Euro / GBP per hour; not exceed than 12 hours per day.
    • Other transportation expenses: such as train tickets, ferry tickets, etc.
    • European Country Hotel Tax (City Tax)
    • Various types of insurance, travel documents, visa fees
    • Additional expenses incurred, such as strikes and traffic delays that beyond control of our company.

  1. Terms & Conditions
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    • Reservations must be made at least 40 days in advance.
    • The travel document (Visa) must be valid at least six months or more from the departure's date.
    • The payment must be made before 25 days before departure after the itinerary confirmation. If payment not receive on time, we could cancel the reservation or change the departure date.
    • The company reserves the right to accept the application without any reason and explanation.
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    • If the customer like to cancel your tour, please submitted in writing to our customer service E-mail before departure date. Phone cancellation will not be accepted. We accept customers to cancel the tour but not responsible any compensation such as includ
  3. Cancellation Fee
    • The handling fee 3.5% will be charged.
    • If the booking is cancelled more than 21 days before date of departure, the amount you paid will be refunded in full.
    • If the booking is cancelled within 15 to 20 days before date of departure, the amount you paid will be refunded in 50%.
    • If the booking is cancelled within 8 to 14 days before date of departure, the amount you paid will be refunded in 0%
  4. Additional Remarks
    • We are not responsible for and will not refund if the customers fail to join the whole tour on any reason.
    • The necessary change or cancel of itinerary could happen due to the vehicle failure, bad traffic condition, bad weather, strikes, or any unexpected accident, we are not responsible of the compensation of such itinerary alter .
    • Customers s are responsible for their valid travel documents (passports) and visas. In any case if the customers refuse entry at the immigration office (customs) for any reason, we have not responsible to compensate the tour fee and customer's expense.
    • We will assist our customers in the case they need to leave in the middle of the tour, or any logistic change but we will not be responsible for any indirect or direct cost loss due to transportation or any delay in the event of failure to catch up with t
    • The tour voucher is for the reference only. Somehow due to local festivals or government event, accessing the attraction will have difficulty. We make appropriate arrangements and adjustments depending on the actual situation.
    • If the customer withdraws from any activity (or catering) during the trip for his/her own reason, the fee will not be refunded.
    • If the customer deliberately obstructs the guide or driver's work, endangers the personal safety of others, and affects the normal activities and interests during the tour, the guide may, according to the specific circumstances or with the approval of t
    • To ensure the safety of passengers, the Traffic Regulations stipulate that the driver's working hours should not exceed 12 hours per day and the driving distance should not exceed 500 kilometers.
    • Walking is necessary when most attractions in Europe far away from the public parking.
    • If the number of customers is different than the number of customers in booking, the tour price may be increased proportionally, and we will reserve the right to charge back customers for additional costing.
  5. Customer's Responsibility
    • There are various regulations on passenger safety and baggage loss policy apply for the transportation such as airplanes, ships, boats, trains or buses that are responsible for the customers by themselves. Customers must follow those regulations, we will
    • In case of special circumstances, such as bad weather, strikes, typhoon effects, loss of documents, hotel expiration, cancellation or delay of scheduled flight, coup or any non-manpower controllable accident, that may impact to the customer itinerary whic
    • The customer must abide by the laws and regulations of all countries, and it is strictly forbidden to carry private goods for profit and prohibited items. Entry and exit regulations are based on individual countries. If they are refused entry by a country
    • We will not held liable for customer's personal belonging , as well as for any theft or loss of money in any situation and place.
    • Other detailed terms and conditions and precautions will be listed the latest in the company's website
    • Customers are required to read the terms and conditions set out in these Terms and Conditions before making any payment and will be deemed to accept all terms and conditions upon payment by the customer.
  6. Insurance
    • Customers can purchase travel insurance and baggage insurance on their own, or we could provide recommendation.