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Glacier & Champagne Tour in Switzerland & France 9 Days
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Day1 Zurich→Lausanne - Cathedral of Notre Dame→Geneva→Flower Clock→United Nations→International Committee of the Red Cross→Annecy
Picked up from the airport, then visit Lausanne: The fifth largest city in Switzerland, the capital of the canton of Vaud, is the French-speaking region, the base of the International Olympic Committee and the location of the Olympic Museum. It is also known as the "Olympic Capital".
Day2 Annecy→Evian→Geneva Lake Cruise→Lavaux→Wine Tasting→Chillon Castle→Montreux
Visit "Annecy": Located in the Rhone River in the Alps, the canal and the town are full of European style wooden houses, known as "Alpes Venice", the most colorful water in France. "Evian", a small town in southeastern France, is famous for its mineral water. It was discovered here two hundred years ago. The springs are sweet and delicious, and since then, Evian has become a brand of mineral water.
Day3 Montreux→Reideralp→Aletsch Glacier→Bern→Rose Garden→Old Town
The "Ryder Alps" is four kilometers above sea level. It can be seen on the mountain slopes of the largest glaciers of the Aletsch Glacier in Europe. It is 24 kilometers long and 800 meters high. It is one of the world cultural heritage
Day4 Bern→Interlaken→Grindelwald→Mt. Jungfraujoch→Lucerne
Visit Interlaken: A holiday paradise, surrounded by the three mountains of Eiger, Mönch and Jungfrau, is a place for cross-country skiing and tobogganing. Interlaken has forty-five mountain railways, cable cars and cranes, as well as cruise ships such as paddle steamers, walking on Lake Thun and Lake Brienz.
Day5 Lucerne→Lion’s Monument→Lucerne Bridge→Shopping Spree→Colmar→Strasbourg
Visit "Lucerne" is like a delicate landscape, set in the unforgettable mountain range. Lion's Monument: Made by the Danish sculptor Tovarson, the Swiss guards who commemorated the heroic dereliction of the French Revolution, pray for world peace, the wounded lion mournfully lie on the ground, and the fine carving technique presents the lion The sad emotion was rated as "the most touching statue." "Kapellbrücke": The medieval-style Capel Bridge is painted with colorful paintings and is considered one of the oldest wooden covered bridges in Europe.
Day6 Strasbourg→Petite France→Cathedral→Nancy→Reims
Visit "Strasbourg": In 1988, the Old Town was listed as a World Heritage Site. Like Colmar, it is located in the province of Alsace, France. It is the place where French and German language and culture meet. Since ancient Roman times, many wars have remained the face of the wartime period. In addition to its rich heritage, wine and traditional dishes are a must-try.
Day7 Reims→Fontainebleau & Garden→Paris
The French Jardins du Chateau de Fontainebleau " is a beautiful spring. "Fontainebleau" : Located between the Seine and the Ron River, surrounded by forest swamps. Since the 12th century, it has been the hunting palace of the French kings. It has been expanded since then to build chapels, castles and monasteries.
Day8 Paris→City tour→Louvre Museum→River Seine Cruise
Start the tour of the city's scenic spots in Paris. It is magnificent and solemn and represents the Arc de Triomphe of the French national spirit, the bustling and lively Avenue des Champs-Élysées, and the Place de la Concorde where the guillotine of the era of the Great Revolution was located, the tomb of Napoleon and the home of the disabled soldiers, the Notre Dame, which was built two centuries ago, and the Eiffel Tower, which stands on the banks of the Seine, visits the Louvre Museum. (Louvre Museum): Watch the town palace three treasures, including Leonardo da Vinci's famous painting Monro Lisa, statue Venus goddess, goddess of victory and so on.
Day9 Paris→Shopping Spree→Airport
shopping at the department store in Paris or the famous shopping street in Montaigne, then take the bus to the airport or wherever you like in the town.
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    • 5 days package includes 4 nights hotel accommodation, 6 days package includes 5 nights hotel accommodation, and so on
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    • Please note, there are many European hotel categories and grades, even the same level of hotels can be very mixed.
    • During the high exhibition session, the hotel will change to the neighboring city.
  1. Price Included
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    • Tour guide as driver (Chinese language speaking)
    • Included 3 stars hotel accommodation (Double standard room) and daily breakfast (Single room surcharge, Euro/GBP 35 per room per night)
    • Toll, Petrol and parking fees are included.
  2. Price not Included
    • Airline Ticket
    • Lunch and dinner, at the discretion of the customers, the guide could recommend the restaurant
    • Attraction Tickets (if require a guide to accompany, please responsible the ticket cost)
    • Additional activities: Vineyards/Wineries, excavation truffles and cooking classes, etc.
    • A tip service is Euro/GBP 7 per person by each day;
    • Overtime work charges are 50Euro / GBP per hour; not exceed than 12 hours per day.
    • Other transportation expenses: such as train tickets, ferry tickets, etc.
    • European Country Hotel Tax (City Tax)
    • Various types of insurance, travel documents, visa fees
    • Additional expenses incurred, such as strikes and traffic delays that beyond control of our company.

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    • We are not responsible for and will not refund if the customers fail to join the whole tour on any reason.
    • The necessary change or cancel of itinerary could happen due to the vehicle failure, bad traffic condition, bad weather, strikes, or any unexpected accident, we are not responsible of the compensation of such itinerary alter .
    • Customers s are responsible for their valid travel documents (passports) and visas. In any case if the customers refuse entry at the immigration office (customs) for any reason, we have not responsible to compensate the tour fee and customer's expense.
    • We will assist our customers in the case they need to leave in the middle of the tour, or any logistic change but we will not be responsible for any indirect or direct cost loss due to transportation or any delay in the event of failure to catch up with t
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    • If the customer withdraws from any activity (or catering) during the trip for his/her own reason, the fee will not be refunded.
    • If the customer deliberately obstructs the guide or driver's work, endangers the personal safety of others, and affects the normal activities and interests during the tour, the guide may, according to the specific circumstances or with the approval of t
    • To ensure the safety of passengers, the Traffic Regulations stipulate that the driver's working hours should not exceed 12 hours per day and the driving distance should not exceed 500 kilometers.
    • Walking is necessary when most attractions in Europe far away from the public parking.
    • If the number of customers is different than the number of customers in booking, the tour price may be increased proportionally, and we will reserve the right to charge back customers for additional costing.
  5. Customer's Responsibility
    • There are various regulations on passenger safety and baggage loss policy apply for the transportation such as airplanes, ships, boats, trains or buses that are responsible for the customers by themselves. Customers must follow those regulations, we will
    • In case of special circumstances, such as bad weather, strikes, typhoon effects, loss of documents, hotel expiration, cancellation or delay of scheduled flight, coup or any non-manpower controllable accident, that may impact to the customer itinerary whic
    • The customer must abide by the laws and regulations of all countries, and it is strictly forbidden to carry private goods for profit and prohibited items. Entry and exit regulations are based on individual countries. If they are refused entry by a country
    • We will not held liable for customer's personal belonging , as well as for any theft or loss of money in any situation and place.
    • Other detailed terms and conditions and precautions will be listed the latest in the company's website
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  6. Insurance
    • Customers can purchase travel insurance and baggage insurance on their own, or we could provide recommendation.