The Fairytale City 1850

The Czech Republic is one of the most nostalgic cities on my journey. Kulunlov Český Krumlov is a truly amazing place to visit before you die.Although Český Krumlov is small, you can visit the whole town in one day, but every corner will spend a lot of time to enjoy and take pictures.

There are two ways to go to Český Krumlov. One is the train, the other is the bus. The former is more expensive and the station is far away from the town. The latter is cheaper and you can more choices on time. It runs every 2 hours. So, I chose to go cheap: Student Agency. Tickets are 7.8 Euros for one way. Tickets must be booked online beforehand. You can take the bus from Prague Praha, Na Knížecí station to Český Krumlov, AN station, which takes about 3 hours.

The red bricks and colored cottages that I saw at the first step have already experienced the medieval culture of the 16th century. Český Krumlov is surrounded by the Vltava River. This fascinating scenery was incorporated into the World Heritage by the United Nations in 1992. It was noon after the step, and I was going to have a lunch before I start today’s journey.

Because of the information collected before, I went to the restaurant Krčma v Šatlavské, which is one of the best restaurants. Fortunately, that day is a weekday. if it is weekend, you need to make an appointment. 

After the meal, I first passed through Krumlov Castle, and there is a bear in the moat under the castle! Originally it was used as a defensive function since the 16th century. Český Krumlov is the only place in the world that has a moat bear. Such a cute bear, it is hard to imagine it can protect the castle.

Adult fees of the Castle Tower: 50KC (approximately HK$19). Bar codes must be used when entering. Tickets can only be used once. You can enjoy the scenery of the whole town with this nice weather.

During summer, many tourists were playing around the river Some travelers chose to experience water adventure activities along the Volvatai River.

I chose to take day returns ticket to visit this place. If you have enough time, you should stay in the town for one night to enjoy this beautiful town in the world.